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I have the pleasure of showing the next generation of men what it means to be a Father, Husband, Disciple Maker and Friend.  I am just an open book for them to read and walk along side to see that it does not take a perfect person to be an impactful person. 

Here's the AFAM ATL STP team!  College Students from 5 campuses came to Atlanta on 22 May - 13 June to attend a 3-week spiritual discipleship intensive!


I just wanted to share with you what your faith in giving to God’s ministry has done on the campus of Wayne State University in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. God is at work here. Considering that just a few short years ago, there was no organized ministry taking place at Wayne State, God has done incredible things.  And Carolyn are believing Him for so much more.

Thank you for allowing me to better serve the next generation of 20 somethings and Nav alum!

Helping young believers grow into strong leaders for Christ is what we do....