Linking Arms at Wayne State

Praying the men at Wayne State reach others on campus and in their networks for Christ.

Dear Family and Friends,
Months ago, a friend asked, “Who do you know on the campus of Wayne State University?”  Our answer was simple: “Two people!”  Since then, God has opened the gates of the university to us, and we now know many people and organizations.  We have met wonderful staff, faculty, and students.
Allow me to tell you just how great God is.  This past summer, I met with a student, Lawrence, who had recently accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.  We met twice a week and talked about living a life that glorifies God.  He desired to be president of the Student African-American Brotherhood (SAAB).  So we prayed about it.  He is now president and doing a great job!  SAAB believes that students who study, play, and develop a spiritual life have a better chance of graduating on time.  He asked that I assist SAAB as Spiritual Advisor for the organization.  I said, YES!
Eleven students attend SAAB.  I spoke at their meeting on September 28 about what it means to be a Warrior--Wayne State’s mascot. The theme fit perfectly, because I could draw parallels to the Christian life.   
I continue to meet regularly with Lawrence and another student, Eric, and may have more opportunities to meet with others in the future. Please pray the men of SAAB can be discipled to reach others on campus and in their networks.
And also pray with us as we continue to raise our funds (we’re currently 70% fully funded).  Once we are fully funded, we can reach more and do more on campus.
Thanks for your partnership in ministry with us!
Oliver and Carolyn Porter

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