From DC to Denver: One Working Diva's Journey of Thanksgiving

Thank you for allowing me to better serve the next generation of 20 somethings and Nav alum!

Dear AFAM Family,
Thank you for your prayers over the past few months as I transition from Baltimore to Denver. 

Though I miss the east coast, living by the mountains is quickly feeling like home.  Denver is a great city for young professionals, which is why it appealed to me early on.  It is normal to see 300+ young adults at a park on a Saturday morning playing volleyball and BBQing.  Denver is loaded with parks like DC is loaded with politicians!
Before moving, I had a going away party where Dominique, a women I have discipled for 5 years, met our NavYouth staff (Navigators high school ministry in Maryland).  She hit it off with DeAnn and now she is volunteering this summer with the ministry.  The high schoolers love her! And DeAnn commented to me that she is learning discipleship skills from Dominique that were new to her and she is thankful for them.  Dom is entering her third year as a teacher in PG County school system. 
I left Maryland driving across country with the first friend I made there.  She is not a Christian, but I love her so much and wanted to spend the week moving with her.  It was a great bonding time for us and I am prayerful that she saw more of Jesus in me during that time.  Would you pray for her?
Since arriving to Denver, I have been bonding with the Nav20s team.  There are 7 of us on the team and we desire to see our 20-somethings grow in their relationship with Christ and live & disciple amongst their non-believing co-workers and friends.  We hope they will work with integrity and that people would recognize what is different about them…Jesus!  I am co-emcee for our National Nav20s conference in Colorado Springs, September 5-7.  The theme is “Connecting in a busy and broken world.”  What a relevant topic for young professionals! 


As I adjust to different time zone, altitude, and making friends, I have been connecting with a few of our single staff women and AFAM Congress attendees via phone, texting, and emailing.  My prayer is to be an encouragement to them, while giving advice and challenging them in a few areas of their lives.   Beginning in the fall, I visit some of these women for training and to spur them on.
With the next AFAM Congress 20 months away, I am busy brainstorming workshops, theme, and program ideas.  Thank you to those who participated in our post-conference survey as I am using it to help shape our next event in March 2016.
Words can’t express how thankful I am for all the love, support and gifts that were given to me during the offering project!  The donations will allow me to better serve our next generation of young staff women, Navs alum, and those involved in Nav20s.  I am committed to developing and training these women as they allow me to journey alongside them.
Thank you again for your continued support!
Janeen Davis,
AFAM Network Director of Women
Nav20s Denver

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