Kirk Reynolds The Navigators AFAM Executive Team

"Join us in spreading the good news; together let’s get the word out."  -Psalm 34:3, The Message


Our Mission 

As of today, God has allowed us to minister with The Navigators for over twenty years. From the beginning, we have given our lives to reaching ethnic people in diverse communities for Christ. We desire to advance His Kingdom in places many Americans have never seen, or in which they are not willing to be seen. We pray that men and women of every color and every tongue will be raised up to reach their neighbors, their people groups, and eventually the world.


Our Strategy

Kirk serves The Navigators' Ethnic Ministries here in the U.S. His leadership, vision, mentoring skills, training and care are helping our ethnic staff succeed right where they are. His passions have not changed! He continues to give his life to men and women who are giving their lives laboring in the hard places of the world in order to disciple and save the lost.


As always, we want to thank you for your partnership!

Together, God is using us to change lives! What a joy! As the Lord leads, we would invite you to contribute to our ministry. To do so, you may donate online, or call (866) 568-7827 or (719) 594-2327.