Mike and Marsha Slone The Navigators AFAM Executive Team

We are currently ministering at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. We arrived here in January 2002 to join our teammates, Ron and Marleen Koehler. The Naval Academy, commonly known as The Yard, is the home to 4000+ college students called Midshipmen, all destined to be active duty Naval and Marine Corps Officers upon graduation.


Marsha and I both came to faith in Christ in the early '70s while in college and were discipled by campus ministries. After graduation, I went on active duty in the Air Force where I met Marsha at my first training assignment and where she was discipling women in the military. After we married, we continued our discipling ministry with our friends, neighbors, and co-workers while on active duty. After several years, God led us to leave active duty and become missionaries to the Military with The Navigators. So, now we have the best of both worlds ... collegiate and military!


Each week we help facilitate two group meetings of 40-60 Midshipmen for worship, community, and Bible teaching about Christian basics in doctrine, living, and ministering. Throughout the week, we meet with individual Midshipmen for personalized discipleship training. In addition, there are weekend retreats away from the Yard and various events in our home, nicknamed "The Brook" by the Mids!


Our primary ministry focus is with a group of African American Midshipmen who meet on Thursday nights at what they call the Triad Christian Fellowship.  We have a Midshipmen ministry team and we meet at least once a month for a couple of hours to pray together, plan, keep the ministry on track, remain accountable for delegated responsibilities, and just love and enjoy each other. Please pray for Greg ('14), Candice ('14), Tracey ('14), Johnathan ('14), Justin ('14), Marian ('14), Darien ('14), Tiana ('15), Colin ('15), Gary ('16), Alex ('16), and Dre ('16).


Our Theme for the 2013-14 academic year is "Developing Deeper Devotion" from 1Cor 7:35.


We are eager to hear from you and answer any questions about the ministry, so you can pray for us regularly and specifically. Please send an e-mail to Mike Slone.


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