Living with Jesus as Lord

Good intentions don’t guarantee good results. A good start doesn’t ensure a strong finish—decision is only the beginning. Once you have acknowledged the lordship of Christ in your life, you will prove that He is Lord by submitting to Him hour by hour and obeying Him in the daily affairs of life. Some of these areas are represented in the following illustration.

Take a few moments to evaluate your practice of the lordship of Jesus Christ.

  • Over which of the areas in the illustration would you currently like to see Christ have more control?
  • What are some specific changes you would like to see Christ help you make in these areas?


We should not be concerned about what we would do for the Lord if we only had more money, time, or education. Instead, we must decide what we will we do with the things we have now! What really matters is whether Christ controls us.

  • Read Luke 9:23. What three things is the person who decides to follow Christ called to do?
  • According to Luke 6:46, what is a good way to evaluate if Christ is truly Lord of your life?     
  • What does making Christ the center of your life mean to you personally?           


Adapted from The 2:7 Series, Book 1, pp. 31–33. Used with permission from NavPress,, and The Navigators’ Church Discipleship Ministry.

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