Maryland Congress on Discipleship

He is putting a "new spirit" in a ministry that goes back 40 years in The Navigators. 

God is at work among our African American co-laborers. And more than that, HE is fulfilling Ezekiel 11:19 and 36:26: HE is putting a "new spirit" into a ministry that goes back 40 years in The Navigators.
At the recent March 5-7 Maryland Congress on Discipleship, sponsored by The Navigator’s African American Network, many reports were given highlighting the "new" steps of faith, the "new" sacrifices, and the "new" birthing of ministries. About 350 people attended the weekend conference.

Bahari Harris told conferees how GOD led him to the "hood." But it wasn't easy since he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with the prospects of a $70,000 per year salary, but GOD gave Bahari a vision and faith to make the sacrifices. He is now director of The Navigator Urban Hope Ministries, in Durham, NC.

Brandon Bornes told his story. GOD transformed this shy, timid boy with a twitch into a star college football player at San Diego State. Even though leading was the farthest thing from his mind, GOD kept opening up opportunities for Brandon to lead Bible studies for other athletes. Brandon was courted by the Chicago Bears. They wanted him. But Brandon realized something deeper and something more important in his heart. He sacrificed a football career by faith to live with Marvin and Pam Campbell for ministry training while opening up a new Nav ministry at Bowie State University.

Robert Yeldell told how GOD changed his life at 65 after two failed marriages and much financial success. Robert is being helped by Rich Berry to reach and disciple people in Atlanta's marketplace.

Patrick Lafontant's compliant religious life was completely transformed in 2004 with the help of The Navigators. He is now making disciples based in Washington, D.C.

Beverly Hale explained how GOD had led her and her husband to go and live in an urban neighborhood of Detroit. GOD has opened doors for them to minister to neighbors and artists in unique, humble ways.

Jake Owens told his journey at the U.S. Naval Academy. He started with the predominantly white Nav ministry and did well. In fact, he was chosen to be the president of the Nav Ministry for his senior year. The NavStaff at the Academy, Mike Slone, took Jake to a Nav African American conference in Durham five years ago. There, GOD, spoke to Jake and Mike to start a separate African American ministry at the Naval Academy. Mike shared how GOD has transformed him and his thinking in order to facilitate, partner with, and serve an ethnic specific ministry.

One important, holy moment at the Congress occurred when Eddie Broussard called Gene Burrell and Rich Berry to the front. Eddie asked them both to give some advice and a blessing. Both Eugene and Rich said that 40 years ago they were excited to 'change the world' with The Navigators. In their prayers of blessings for this new, younger generation they prayed that GOD would also infuse them with HIS SPIRIT to change the world, to believe HIS promises, and to persevere.

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