Navigators in ABC News Spotlight

ABC News selected Fred and Milton Ochieng as their “Persons of the Week” earlier this year. Here’s why—and how Navigators are a part of the story.

Fred and Milton left their home village of Lwala, Kenya, to study at Dartmouth in the early to mid 2000s. “Fred became active with The Navigators,” says Craig Parker, Collegiate northeast regional leader, “and continued to participate in Nav programs throughout his four years at Dartmouth College.”

When Milton became a first-year medical student at Vanderbilt, as a class project he decided to build a clinic in Lwala in memory of his parents, who both died of AIDS. Lwala, a village of 1,500 people, has no electricity or running water, and someone dies of an infectious disease every week.

Between a special offering at a Navigator regional student conference and a local donor, they raised more than $14,000! The clinic opened in Lwala in April 2007, and since then more than 35,000 patients have visited.

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