Passion, Purpose and Commitment - A MUST READ!!

It started at the Harlem Congress on Discipleship, 2008.  It continues in the lives of two men, two women and a couple.  Just over a month ago these passionate young people moved to Washington DC to receive leadership training and to learn how to reach a campus for Christ.

Almost two years ago we prayed that our annual congress would be more than a one- time event but from it would come workers for God's kingdom.  From the last two Congresses have come several people from around the country who are committed and convinced that they are called to serve God.  GOD IS AT WORK!!!   Thanks for your prayers.  Here is the story of what's God is doing.
Each week this team, led by Marvin and Pam Campbell, studies Scripture, works though personal growth issues and spends a few days a week sharing their faith on Bowie State University in Maryland.  
In September, after their first week of evangelizing, a few people became Christ followers and over 100 indicated that they wanted to learn more about Christ.  And most of the seekers were young men!  GOD IS DOING SOMETHING GREAT!  The team is now leading 4-5 Bible studies in an effort to follow up the seekers and begin the process of discipleship with the new believers.  Please pray for these young people by name. 

In order from left to right:

Osaze and Hadiza Murray, a seminary graduate who moved from Philadelphia.  Both Osaze and Hadiza have had discipleship training.  They have a two-year-old daughter (Lydia) and one on the way. Osaze is a Godly, talented young man with strong skills and convictions.  The Murray's are being trained to lead the Bowie team.    
Laura Welch has been involved with the Navigators in Florida for several years.  She has been steadily growing in Christ and helping others to grow.  After attending the Harlem congress she felt compelled to get advanced discipleship training from the Navigators.  She is a gifted writer and will add significant value to the team.
Sarah Clay joined the team as a result of last year's ministry at Bowie State.  She graduated from Bowie State University, a star athlete and has put grad school on hold to reach her fellow students for Christ.   Sarah is from DC but will live in the apartment to receive the training to disciple others.  She is very energetic with a strong love for God.
Brandon Bornes is the "veteran" on the team.  After the Harlem congress, Brandon made a commitment to leave San Diego and help plant the ministry at Bowie State. God used him to connect and recruit several students to the calling of advancing the gospel. It is through his ministry that Sarah is on the team. 

Robert Daniels was born in Texas.  When he understood that God was calling him to Bowie, he drove 23 hours to be part of the team.  He attended the Harlem Congress two years ago and at that point was willing to drop all to follow Christ.  But Robert decided this year that it was time for him to make the move.  He left his job, his family and is now being trained to win the lost and disciple the saved.

Rich Berry
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