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Good intentions don’t guarantee good results. A good start doesn’t ensure a strong finish—decision is only the beginning. Once you have acknowledged the lordship of Christ in your life, you will prove that He is Lord by submitting to Him hour by hour and obeying Him in the daily affairs of life. Some of these areas are represented in the following illustration.

"I see God raising up a new generation of leaders for the African American church, very fresh in their vision . . . and getting back to the core of who Christ is,” says Pastor Kevin James of New Community Bible Fellowship, cohost of this year’s AFAM National Congress on Discipleship. “But even with me seeing that, for the most part, the African American church is really in peril. We need more disciple-makers."

African-American History is Navigator History....

It is through the power of prayer that many will come and many will be changed to ignite a movement of disciple-makers.

Effective leaders practice the Law of Navigation, which says that anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.