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Held in Cleveland, Ohio, The Navigator AFAM Network-sponsored event was co-hosted by Pastor Kevin James and the New Community Bible Fellowship. The Navigators helped to register 426 eager attendees including 111 from the host church; 153 students from 16 schools and 163 Navigator staff and laborers from across the country.
The purpose and theme was to “IGNITE a Movement of Disciple-Makers” among African-Americans in the church, on campus, in urban and suburban settings, among military personnel, and in the marketplace. Congress messages include “Reaching the Marketplace for Christ,” “Reconciliation in a Racially Divided Society,” “Effective Discipleship in the Urban Church,” “Discipleship: A Movement of Life-Change in the Military,” and “Transforming Urban Communities Through Discipleship.” 

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Congress Keynote Speakers: Pastor Kevin James, New Community Bible Fellowship, Dr. Vincent Bacote, Professor at Wheaton College, Bishop C. Milton Grannum, New Covenant Church of Philadelphia, Rev., Dr. Richard Berry, AFAM Network Director, LT Trey Souder, US Navy, Robert Daniels, Associate Navigator Staff, student at Dallas Theological Seminary and Connections Minister at The Village Church.