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*Schedule subject to change.


Saturday at 9:00 AM

Discipleship as an African American Woman

Jacqueline Holland

Room: Covington 2

Discipleship as an African American Man

Oliver Porter

Room: Kentucky

Discipleship as an African American Parent

Jereme and Erin Simmons

Room: Terrace 2

Discipleship as an African American Church

Cedric Brown

Room: Terrace 1

Discipleship and Racial Reconciliation

Chuck Mingo

Room: Convention Center Ballroom CDE

Discipleship and Redemptive Poverty Work

Alvin Sanders

Room: Covington 1

Trauma Informed Discipleship

Raushanah Jackson

Room: Covington 3

Discipleship and Cross Cultural Campus Ministry

Korryn Shoge and team

Room: Terrace 3


Living and Discipling in our Sexual Brokenness

Panel Discussion (Kyle Bowman, Nathaniel and Jalyssa Richardson, Jason Robinson and Janeen Davis)

Sexual brokenness is nothing new in our lives and black culture, yet it remains a hidden struggle. Join our panel as they share their past and current struggles, helpful ways they have been discipled in it, and answer any questions you may have.

Offered: Saturday
Room: Covington 2/3

Do you not know? A Wholistic View of the Body as Temple

Dr. Edje

What does the Bible have to say about our physical, mental and emotional health? Sadly, today many Christians are not able to answer this question. But the God we serve cares about our entire selves (mind, body, soul and spirit). Using a biblical lens, in this workshop we will explore the intersection of wholistic health and discipleship.

Offered: Saturday
Room: Covington 1

Decolonizing Our Christian Faith

Rasool Berry

The gospel sets us free from the oppression of sin, Satan, and fallen society. But aspects of the Christian message have been taken captive by the mentality of “empire” instead of “kingdom of God.” How do we reclaim the gospel that liberates, and preach that message in a time when many are deconstructing their education, their cultural perspectives, and even their faith? How do we respond to the claim that Christianity is the “white man’s religion?” You will leave this workshop equipped to decolonize your faith. 

Offered: Saturday
Room: Ballroom CDE

Is It Still a Good Thing? Reclaiming God's Design for Marriage

Dex and Patriece Johnson

Despite the discouraging news and statistics we hear, God still has a unique plan and purpose for marriage. In this workshop, we will discuss how we can find bliss in our brokenness when we embrace God’s design for marriage. Whether you are married, single, or engaged, this workshop will help you establish a Kingdom vision for a fruitful and fulfilling marriage!Dex and Patriece Johnson

Offered: Saturday
Room: Kentucky


Hadiza Murray

Mending and Healing your Soulful self  as we discuss how to become new and whole in this soul care workshop.
Offered: Saturday
Room: Terrace 2

Authentic Discipleship

Mark Sumrall

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? Today people have all kinds of answers to this question. Let’s go back to the very words of Jesus and His disciples to discover afresh what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Offered: Saturday and Sunday
Room: Terrace 1

Social Media and Mental Health

Raushanah Jackson

We are living in a time when social media can dictate our emotions, friendships and mental health. It can be a good thing, yet we can allow it to define our identity and happiness.
Offered: Sunday
Room: Covington 1

Building to Last: Developing Stable Financial Habits in Ever-Changing Environments

Chris and Tara Lynn

Feeling financial pressure and insecurity amongst COViD and ever-changing environments? Come explore how to develop the disciplines of building a financial future that pays spiritual and financial dividends.

Offered: Sunday
Room: Kentucky

Freedom from Anxiety

Carolyn Porter

The workshop is designed to help current college students and recent grads develop a greater understanding about anxiety, learn helpful coping skills, and explore various relaxation techniques. Specific Scriptures will be incorporated to help young adults begin a journey toward freedom from anxiety, stress and worry, ending with a guided Christian meditation.

Offered: Sunday
Room: Terrace 3

Loving My Neighbor: Living & Working Among the Lost

Lloyd Lassiter

You are the only living letter of the gospel that many of your non-believing friends and co-workers will ever see. Covid has reset our current methods of relationship building. How do we intentionally create practical day-in and day-out plans to engage purposely with our friends and not compromise our biblical convictions?

Offered: Sunday
Room: Covington 2/3

Living Color, Shared Mission-A Panel Discussion

Patriece Johnson, Connally Gilliam, more will be announced

Our ethnicities vary, and we share a calling.  How do we move from simply sharing organizational words and space to actually living out meaningful, trust-saturated, interdependent mission?  What are the obstacles to being in this calling together?  What does it take to move through these blocks?  What new work might God be doing among us—and through us—in this cultural moment?  Join our honest and hopeful conversation on the gritty work and prophetic possibilities into which God is inviting each of us, right now.

Offered: Sunday
Room: Ballroom CDE-Convention Center

From The Walking Wounded to Wounded Healers

Kyle Bowman

How do we heal the wounds and break the cycle of sexual brokenness in the African American community, particularly as it relates to LGBTQ issues? It requires an understanding of how we got here and knowing where to go from here. Kyle Bowman will share her insights on how we can go from living as the walking wounded to thriving as wounded healers.
Offered: Sunday
Room: Terrace 2

Sunday Breakfast: Navigator Staff? Optional

Loyce Nelson & Recruiting team

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to serve on Navigator Staff?

The Navigators are seeking to grow our staff!  We are trusting God for many more diverse, called, and gifted men & women of character to join our staff and lock arms with us as we seek to  know Christ, make him known and help others do the same all over our country and world!  Join AFAM leaders and Recruiting Team members for breakfast on Sunday to learn about joining Navigator Staff. Along with enjoying breakfast together, you will learn about specific opportunities, how to get started, how Navigator staff are funded, what a Navigator staff person does and more! We hope to see you there

Offered: Sunday Morning
Room: Terrace 1