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Disciple making is a vehicle to let young men know that they can, through a relationship with Jesus, have their lives rewritten.  That God can give them a second chance at living right, and doing the right thing. Through biblical manhood the next generation of men see what it means to be a father, husband, disciple maker and friend.


The 2014 AFAM conference theme was “Igniting a Movement of Disciple-Makers”; many of our student came back to campus doing just that!

AFAM Congress on Discipleship inspires and equips ethnic Navigator ministries.

The daughter of an African American father and Caucasian mother, Janeen has always found herself on some journey of identity and reconciliation. 

Eugene Burrell met Jesus in 1966 and had a burden to take the Gospel back to young thugs he used to run the streets with in Washington, D.C. Today, Eugene and his wife, Diane, look back on more than 40 years with The Navigators—“getting into people’s stuff.”