Meet The Director

Dexter Johnson has served with the Navigators for over 30 years and has been on staff since 2002. He met the Navigators in 1987 in Upper Heyford, England shortly after joining the US Air Force. Dexter retired after serving 6 years active duty and 21 years in the Air National Guard. Since joining staff, he has launched three grass roots Navigator ministries and has lead several international missions trips. Dexter and his wife Patriece Johnson moved to Charleston, SC in 2005 to start a Nav ministry at Joint Base Charleston for the military mission. They have three beautiful children; Elijah, Christian Josiah and Kara who all enjoy teaming with their parents in ministry. In the summer of 2020, the Johnson’s will be moving to Ohio to join the Cincinnati Navigators City Team.

director Dextor Johnson

Personal Note

My name is Dexter Johnson, and my wife Patriece and I are excited about serving the AFAM community and the greater Navigator family as a whole. I met the Navigators as a young man in the military in the late 80’s. I owe most of my early Christian formation to my father and the Navigators. I came to know the Savior through my dad’s ministry. He really fleshed out the gospel and taught me what it looks like to truly love all people. The Navigators taught me how skill and the spiritual disciplines help in my growth as a disciple and also gave me the tools to help disciple others. Early on it was apparent to me that there weren’t many African Americans involved with the Navigators, until I was introduced to the AFAM Network years later. Patriece and I have been deeply encouraged by the AFAM Network throughout the years and now we consider it a great honor to bless and encourage others in this role. The networks are designed to enrich our Navigator calling. Specifically, the purpose of the Networks is three-fold:

1. To network (connect, serve and give a sense of deeper belonging to) the ethnic minority staff and laborers with The Navigators and with each other
2. To champion ethnic minority leaders
3. To bring multi-ethnic influence to the broader Navigator family

The AFAM motto of “ Valuing People and Promoting Discipleship” gripped me when I attended an AFAM Congress years ago, and this motto has served both as an inspiration and reminder ever since. One way of valuing people is by helping them to see their true value and live out their God-given purpose. God, in His wisdom, has designed this purpose not to be a solo mission but a joint and collaborative effort. Living out this purpose involves us first being unified with Him, which compels us to be unified with one another to advance His kingdom.

Unity and healing in the body of Christ are high values for me. As I look out into our world it seems we are going more in the direction of division and wounding. However, I am encouraged to know that God is still at work and the Holy Spirit is still on the move in the lives and hearts of people around the world. As we strive to impact the world around us, we must first allow God to do His work in us. We often hope to see His kingdom grow and envelope our world, however this hope will never be fully experienced until after His second coming. This longing of our heart is meant to stir up a yearning desire for Him and what He has promised. However, we are never commanded to be content with the absence of His presence even as foreigners of this world and citizens of a heavenly kingdom. We are salt, light and change agents for His glory in a world that is hostile to Christ our King and everything He values.

This unity Jesus prayed for us to experience isn’t for ourselves. Although there are benefits we enjoy from unity, it is meant to be missional and evangelistic in it’s objective. I’m often comforted and challenged by the words of our Lord in the book of John:

"I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” John 17:23

This unity ultimately brings glory and joy to the Lord. Praise God that unity is not sameness! Honor should be given to every member of His body. When mutual honor is not given, God is grieved, and the members of His body should scream in pain. Let’s pray that the heart of every believer will both long and strive for this perfect unity our Lord prayed for. Please pray for us as we strive to encourage and model Christ’s desired unity as AFAM Network directors.