Go, So the Next Generation Will Know


The Power of Intimacy With God

Chi Adeliyi

This workshop equips participants with practical details of pursuing intimacy with God, especially in a complex and changing world. It discusses among others, the what, why, how, where, and when of intimacy with God. Drawing from a rich biblical tradition and contemporary missionary experiences, the workshop is spurred to help participants launch out on their own adventure of intimacy with the Trinity.

Offered: Saturday Morning

Worshipful and Transformed Discipleship

Mark and Grace Sumrall

It’s not enough for us to help those we disciple know the Word of God–we’re commanded to help them obey it (Matthew 28:19,20)! As a result, they will experience a worshipful and transformed life (Romans 12:1,2). Join us as we explore how Jesus embodied worshipful and transformed discipleship, and how we can imitate Him. 

Offered: Saturday Morning

Clean Hands, Pure Heart

Kyle Bowman

Being equipped to go, so the next generation will know, means ensuring that your struggles with sexual integrity past and present must be acknowledged and addressed so that you can tell of God’s mighty works in all areas of your life. The Clean Hands, Pure Heart workshop will cover the ways unaddressed sexual brokenness prevents effective ministry and ways to ensure wholeness before passing on your faith to the next generation.

Offered: Saturday Morning

Unraveling Generational Trauma: A Transformational Journey

Lucretia Bowman

Learn how to look at your life through other lenses, be willing to face what you see, and move from pain to purpose.

Offered: Saturday Morning

Jesus and Therapy: Healing for Effective Ministry

Cotorey Seals

Join us on this healing journey to discover how Jesus uses therapy to heal and equip you for impactful ministry as we explore the connection between walking with Jesus and your emotional well-being. Learn the role of mental health in your spiritual and emotional life, aiding in overcoming obstacles to effectively minister to others. Discover that being equipped to support others is a natural outcome of addressing and allowing God to heal your hurts, pains, and trauma that might impede effective ministry. Ultimately, engage in discussions and exercises to discover the transformative power of a changed life, living from a place of authority and self-autonomy.

Offered: Saturday Morning

Leading in Majority Culture or Multi-cultural Spaces

Wanda Anderson and Dr. Brian Taylor

Seven things which speak to identity which every African American must consider when leading in majority or multi-cultural spaces.

Discover how to operate unapologetically out of your ethnic identity while fully embracing your identity in Christ.

Credibility: Am I enough to lead you?

Culture: Do I have to abandon my Blackness?

Conscience: Can I speak honestly about issues?

Currency: Are there strings attached?

Courage: Are we ready to talk?

Conviction: Is it worth the headache?

Collaboration: Can we mutually submit?

(From: “Ready to Lead: Essential Questions for Empowering Black Leaders,” by Pastor Brian Taylor)

Offered: Saturday Morning

Being a Life-Giving Presence in Our Community

Brandon Woodard

Through engaging discussions, scriptural insights, and practical steps, discover how to radiate a Christ-centered and life-giving presence in the communities in which we live, work, and play.

Offered: Saturday Morning

Healing and Wholeness in a Racially Jagged Culture

Connally Gilliam and Dr. Sherry Jones

Rushing rivers of rage, swirling pools of guilt, blankets of burdensome shame, hidden places of unresolved pain…the fruit of living in a racially jagged culture can be a spiritually fragmented self. With an emphasis on storytelling and prayer, this workshop will focus on the personal wholeness and healing Jesus makes possible through our radical self-disclosure, deep wrestling with the Word, and the interdependent embrace of friends in the journey.  

Offered: Saturday Morning

Intentionally Making Disciples Where We Live, Work, and Play

Thomas Baker

What does it look like to intentionally make disciples in the context of our lives? We have been commanded as believers to make disciples. But how do we start? This workshop will be a time of scripture reading, discussion, and storytelling.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

Pioneering New Campus Ministries

Loyce Nelson

We will explore and discuss the importance and need for pioneering campus ministries specifically those that reach and equip black students as disciple-makers. As well as practical steps and skills to begin the work of pioneering.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

Whole-Life Disciplemaking in Community

Daron Moore

In this workshop, you will learn how to disciple the whole person. This involves connecting with people wherever life happens, not just in spiritual situations. This workshop is designed for those who are interested in helping to see people thrive within their current environment.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

How Non-black Christians Can Effectively Reach and Disciple Across Ethnic Lines

Mark Smith

Interested in ministering outside your culture and across ethnicities?  Come discuss God’s heart for unity in the Church, identify your motivation for multiethnic ministry, and learn a few helpful ideas to see the vision of spiritual generations cross cultural barriers.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

What Makes Women’s Discipleship Difficult in Today’s Culture

Susie Walther

We will highlight some challenges to discipling women in our churches and discuss the one thing each disciplemaker needs to know to overcome those challenges.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

Men Making an Impact in the Black Community

Osaze Murray

We will discuss and learn about the importance of discipling men and their impact in the Black community. This workshop will include conversations within the room and a highlight of resources from outside of the room that will help the attendees make the impact they have envisioned. 

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

Disciplemaking in Your Church

Juan Price

In this workshop we will share insights that will help the church to fulfill its primary purpose of making disciples who make disciples. Pastors, church leaders, and laity will be encouraged to make discipleship foundational and essential.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon

We Are Stronger Together Than Apart

Jesse and Elaine Hipps

Whose idea was family? What does Jesus say about family? Why does it exist? What is the purpose of family? We will talk about the purpose of family and what our role is in Kingdom legacy.

Offered: Saturday Afternoon